Peel+ Flat Reels

Flat premium quality sterilisation reels

Best in class peel quality

This Peel+ Reel uses stronger base materials to give improved puncture resistance, shatterless film and an excellent fibre-free peelability characteristic.

Comprising of a multi-layer film and 70gsm paper this provides an exceptional clean peel and improved seal strength.


  • A multi layer heat sealable 12/40 PET/PP film
  • Available in a range of sizes to suit your requirements
  • 2 sided sealed with a ribbed pattern to 70gsm medical grade paper
  • Suitable for Steam, EO and Formaldehyde sterilisation and printed with class 1 process indicators
  • Clear change of indicators makes it easy to distinguish between processed and unprocessed products

Benefits include:

  • Minimising the risk of contamination from fibres into the atmosphere and on the device itself with cleaner peel characteristics
  • The ability to present the product aseptically with a fibre free peel
  • Improved puncture resistance with the use of stronger paper than Westfield’s standard products
  • All indicators and text prints are within the seals avoiding the risk of ink contamination onto the device.

These reels are produced in a class 8 cleanroom and are manufactured under ISO 9001:2015 & ISO 13485:2016 Quality System, CE and BSI Kite Mark.