About Westfield Medical

Westfield Medical is the leading global manufacturer of single-use sterilisation barrier systems.
Based in the United Kingdom, we are trusted by medical professionals worldwide and dedicated to the manufacturing of products of the highest quality and reliability.

Today more than ever, the importance of a safe, secure, and sterile medical environment is crucial. Westfield Medical knows that our customers cannot afford mistakes. With more than 50 years of experience in providing single-use sterilisation packaging, we focus on quality and reliability so our customers can focus on what they do best. Westfield Medical is passionate about what we do and works tirelessly to reduce Health Care-Associated Infections (HCAIs) and improve patient safety.

Westfield Medical started our business in 1932 as The Welton Bag Company becoming the UK’s leading paper bag manufacturer and diversified into the medical packaging industry in 1968. We focused on perfecting our products to become the UK’s leading manufacturer of single-use sterilisation barrier systems. We have the most complete range of sterile barrier products and accessories for the Medical Device Manufacturers (MDMs) and Central Sterile Services Departments (CSSDs). We continue to lead the industry with the development of new and exciting products to fit our customers’ needs.

Westfield Medical is a proud member of the
STERIMED Group since January 2022.

The Sterimed Group is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of medical sterilization packaging.  Sterimed develops, produces, converts, and markets various types of solutions such as bacterial barrier substrates and pre-formed sterilization packaging for both hospitals and medical device manufacturers. 

Sterimed operates in 10 industrial sites and 22 sales offices on all continents, offering a fast supply of highly reliable materials manufactured in 100% healthcare dedicated facilities.  

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