Our Credentials

ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management

As medical packaging standards continue to evolve, Westfield Medical is committed to ensuring continued compliance. All products are manufactured under a Quality Management System certified to BS EN ISO 9001:2015 and BS EN ISO 13485:2016; by forming and sealing processes validated according to BS EN ISO 11607-2:2019 and products conforming to standards BS EN ISO11607-1:2019 and BS EN 868 parts 2-10 as appropriate. 

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Famos is a manufacturer of Central Sterilisation Service Department (CSSD) related equipment, accessories and consumables. Westfield Medical is approved distributors for the Famos range of sterilisation trays, sterilisation baskets, heat sealers, accessories, servicing and repairs.

The Sterile Barrier Association (SBA)

Westfield Medical is a proud member of the SBA who are dedicated to the promotion and development of single use sterile barrier products. We work with the SBA in maintaining our awareness of the healthcare industry by discussing relevant issues and legislative measures, establishing and maintaining links with regulatory bodies, promoting and influencing the harmonisation of standards, practices and procedures and to act as the European industry voice for Sterile Barrier Systems. 

The Institute of Decontamination Sciences (IDSc)

We are a member of the Institute of Decontamination Sciences. The IDSc is the UK’s largest professional body representing those involved in the decontamination of reusable invasive medical devices. 

The Central Sterilising Club 

The Central Sterilising Club is the only group solely devoted to:

  • All aspects of sterilisation, disinfection, and decontamination
  • Equipment decontamination
  • Relevant topics in decontamination and infection control
  • Applied microbiology
  • Safety Engineering and technical aspects

Westfield Medical is a member of the Central Sterilisation Club.