HUMIPAK is a moisture retention pouch for post-operative instrument handling, designed to inhibit hydrophobic proteins adhering to surgical instruments by creating a moist environment. The idea of HUMIPAK originated from discussions with CSSD technicians experiencing difficulties in cleaning of post operative instruments. The Westfield Medical team brought the challenges the technicians faced back to the brainstorm table and our team of engineers got to work. After several trials HUMIPAK was developed.

HUMIPAK is one of the medical device industry’s most innovative products developed in the last 10 years. HUMIPAK aims to reduce Health Care Associated Infections (HCAI’s) by keeping instruments in moist conditions that will keep soil and dirt in a soft state, facilitating much easier, faster cleaning and decontamination processes without use of pre-treatment chemicals.

Humipak is designed to create a containment for soiled and biohazardous instruments facilitating safe transportation from Operating Room (OR) to Central Sterile Services Department (CSSD) hence improving Health & Safety of healthcare personnel.

Humipak from Westfield Medical

“We have been using Humipak Pouches for our flexible endoscopes since September 2018. After testing with 113 endoscopes we found the Humipak pouches highly effective and have been using it ever since. Humipak is very cost effective and employee friendly and saves us a lot of time. Would highly recommend Humipak to any hospital or facility.”

Mark Vijver / CSD/CSSD Manager, Medisch Centrum Leeuwarden


The Hospital

  • Reduces risk of infections – IMPROVED PATIENT SAFETY
  • Helping to reduce risk of cross-contamination and/or cancelled operations
  • Improve operational efficiency in CSSD and OR without any additional capital expenditure
  • Validatable technology designed to facilitate compliance with HTM01-01 and HTM01-06 in terms of keeping used instruments in a moist atmosphere until they are reprocessed
  • Keeps instruments contained overnight for hospitals running CSSD only weekdays and/or day time (out of hour operations)
  • Time saving.  Less time needed to clean instruments prior to putting them onto Washer Disinfector
  • Reduced Health and Safety concerns for everyone in the hospital.


  • Reduces pre-cleaning or makes it unnecessary
  • Reduces workload
  • Reduces possibility of missing instruments
  • Reduces total processing time – frees up capacity
  • Reduction of re-wash rates
  • Highly effective for complicated instruments to clean, like cannulated instruments 
  • Reduces risk of damage for delicate instruments
  • Potential reduction in rejected trays from OR
  • Less foaming in Washer-Disinfector
  • Reduced H&S concerns


  • Manufactured from Polyester/Polypropylene 12/38 micron films with a 40 gsm, highly hydrophilic, blue Viscose inner liner
  • Closing of the pouch achieved with pressure sensitive, self-adhesive tape
  • All medical grade materials
  • Humipak logo, Instructions For Use, batch number, Westfield details and Biohazard symbol printed on the pouch
  • Not intended for sterilisation – Humipak is not a Sterile Barrier System
Humipak from Westfield Medical