Self Seal Pouches

A wide range of pouches featuring a self-adhesive strip which by removing the backing strip and folding over it’s possible to create and integral seal that would withstand sterilisation. This pouch offers a combination of high strength and good barrier properties with a soft texture.

  • Manufactured from tinted blue, multi-layer PET/PP film
  • 68gsm medical grade paper
  • Chevron shaped end with easy opening
  • Printed with Class 1 process indicators compliant with ISO.11140-1:2014
  • Sterilisation indicators comply with BS EN ISO 11140-1:2014
  • Manufactured under BS EN ISO.9001.2015 and BS EN ISO 13485:2016
  • Conforms to BS EN ISO11607-1:2019 part 1 and BS EN 868-3:2017 & BS EN 868-5:2018

Custom Sizes