The Humipak is a patented product designed and manufactured to maintain surgical instruments in a moist atmosphere post operatively – preventing the drying of bio-contamination on the instrument. On completion of the procedure the contaminated instruments are placed into the Humipak pouch where they will remain until they are presented for cleaning.

Water is applied to the Humipak pouch viscose material, which quickly disperses generating a moist, humid environment that is ready to accept the soiled instruments and prevent them from drying. Tests have shown that Humipak retain their humidity for up to 7 days.

  • To meet the requirements of HTM 01-01, WHTM 01-01 and SHTM 01-01
  • Not intended for sterilisation or washing
  • Available in blue and four self-seal sizes
  • 5 sizes suitable for Half-DIN, DIN, and Double-DIN Baskets, smallest size for smaller instruments and size 560×670 specifically designed for Endoscopes
  • Patents granted No: US13/643,069, AUS11244793, ZL2011 8 0031188.1
  • Patent Applied No: EU11723584.6
  • Manufactured under ISO 9001 and ISO 1348