Our popular range of stock products come in a variety of sizes and include, where appropriate, sterilisation indicators to show that the product has been exposed to a sterilisation process. We are also able to offer a bespoke manufacturing service on our products to produce specified sizes and special prints.

Our product range includes:

  • Heat seal sterilisation bags
  • Plain closure sterilisation bags
  • Sterilisation pouches – both flat & gusseted
  • Sterilisation reels – both flat & gusseted
  • Rollstock – top webs & bottom webs for Four-Side-Seal (4SS) and Form-Fill-Seal (FFS) machines and thermoformable applications
  • Wraps – including our unique Supawrap, Supadrape & Supaspun ranges
  • Self Seal pouches
  • Trayliners – our unique Supasorb material
  • Autoclave Tapes – both plain and printed with a sterilisation indicator
  • Bowie & Dick Test Packs
  • Humipak
  • CSSD Accessory Items

Our medical sterilisation products are suitable for sterilisation by all common methods, such as steam, ETO, Formaldehyde, Gamma, E beam and H2O2 Plasma. Please contact us to discuss specific applications and to ensure that you are using the correct materials for the specific sterilisation process. If required, Westfield Medical can offer a sterilisation indicator ink for each process (excluding Gamma & E beam).

Over the years, Westfield Medical has developed a range of products to satisfy numerous OEM industrial customers and we are able to produce bags, pouches, reels wraps and drapes in a vast variety of bespoke sizes and configurations, including special print services. We also offer a range of products unique to the industrial markets – Form fill and seal packaging, plain and printed sheet stock (lidding) – as well as a complete range of plain and printed top and bottom webs (roll stock).

To meet the varying demands of the market, Westfield Medical has developed a wide portfolio of specialised materials to meet all requirements. Examples of our extensive raw materials are:

  • Direct seal papers including our Supapeel and Supaseal ranges
  • Grid Lacquered papers
  • All over coated papers
  • Tyvek® coated and uncoated
  • Polyester (PET) / polypropylene (PP) laminates
  • Polyester ( PET ) / polyethylene ( PE ) laminates
  • Polyamide ( PA ) / polypropylene ( PP ) laminates
  • Polyamide ( PA ) / polyethylene ( PE ) laminates.
  • Aluminium foil laminates.
  • Peelable release coats and specialised peelable films are also available.
  • Polyamide (PA) / Polyethylene co-extruded forming films.

Our bespoke design service will work with you to create your application.

Westfield Medical is continually improving the range of products for customers. Recent additions to our range have been self seal pouches, autoclave tape, highly absorbent trayliner material and our new SMS spun melt spun heavy duty outer wrap. From our industrial sector we have a developing range of thermoformable bottom webs for use on automatic form fill & seal machinery, in addition to a range of top webs comprising medical grade direct seal papers, coated papers, coated & uncoated Tyvek® and laminated films.


Westfield Medical is a proud developer, manufacturer and supplier of sterilisation packaging, packaging materials and accessory products used in Sterile Services and Operating Theatres.

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At Westfield Medical, we understand your sterilisation packaging needs from designing the packaging and choosing right packaging materials to disposing them properly.

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