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Sterilisation Packaging Solutions

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Rollstock Material

Rollstock Material Rollstock Material
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Rollstock Material Rollstock Material
  • Materials to suit different sterilisation methods available
  • Available plain or printed
  • Manufactured under BS EN ISO 9001:2015 and BS EN ISO 13485:2016
  • Conforms to BS EN ISO11607-1:2019 part 1 and BS EN 868-3, 6, 7, 9 & 10 (2017:2018)
Medical Grade Papers & Tyvek®
Weight (gsm)    Description Peel Sterilisation
60 & 70gsm  Bleached Kraft Fibre Free ETO, Steam, Irradiation
60gsm  PCEO-R Medical Paper Fibre Free ETO, Irradiation, Formaldehyde
63gsm  Supaseal Paper (DRS 400)  Fibre Free ETO, Irradiation
60 + 10gsm  Grid Lacquered Paper  Fibre Free ETO, Irradiation
Various   Synthetic AOC Reinforced Paper                    Fibre Free ETO, Irradiation
80gsm  Protect EO Very Low Fibre              ETO, Irradiation
60gsm   Uncoated Tyvek® 4058B (2FS)  Fibre Free ETO, Irradiation, H202
75gsm  Uncoated Tyvek® 1073B Fibre Free ETO, Irradiation, H202                 
86gsm  All over coated Tyvek® 1073B Fibre Free ETO, Irradiation, H202
44 + 29gsm  PE Coated Paper  Fibre Free  ETO, Irradiation
Laminates & Co-extruded Materials
 Micron Description Sterilisation 
12/38                   PET/PE Clear Laminate Flat Products                                                  ETO, Irradiation                             
12/38 PET/PP Blue & Green co-extruded & laminated  ETO, Steam
Various PA/PE co-extruded or laminated, thermoformable ETO, Irradiation      
Various PA/PE co-extruded or laminated, thermoformable  ETO, Steam