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Sterilisation Packaging Solutions

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Medical Device Packaging

The medical sector is currently facing challenging and complex conditions, where modern packing technology, combined with the different sterilisation methods, often calls for bespoke solutions. 

In order to overcome these challenges, Westfield Medical has used its extensive experience to provide a combination of appropriate materials and bespoke sizes, in order to address the industry-specific requirements more effectively.  

How can we help?

Westfield Medical works with you to provide bespoke, cost-effective pouch, bags, wraps and roll stock solutions for your sterilisation packaging needs. We are dedicated to working with you to ensure you are using the most appropriate materials for the right sterilisation process.

Our expertise is built from over 30 years of knowledge and experience of working with medical device manufacturers to create dedicated solutions to meet specific needs. Our solutions are designed to minimise costs and maximise the quality of your sterilisation packaging.

We are represented throughout the world through a network of distributors who will provide you with the best possible service and assistance. If you are a direct customer or a distributor and you would like to discuss your requirements further, please call us +44 (0) 1761 408800 or email us or click on the pictures below to see our width and material options.