The IDSc CONFERENCE 2017 Technical Programme is designed to embrace the many changes that are taking place within our profession; it highlights both advanced practice and management subjects and will be most beneficial to anyone involved in the processing of re-useable medical devices.

The opening session welcomes speakers from the UK Department of Health and its support groups who are involved in developing and coordinating the transfer of sterile services into professional decontamination healthcare scientific services.

The first afternoon has an excellent presentation describing Continuous Professional Development (CPD) systems and requirements for professional registration (an essential for the future!).

Their second day is divided into two sections: the first providing a mini-workshop on Empowerment followed by a useful presentation on Preparing your Portfolio.

After lunch the session is dedicated to scientific matters addressing the following issues:

  • the need to sterilise flexible endoscopes
  • changes to Medical Device Regulations
  • Health Technical Memorandum (HTM) revisions
  • testing test methods and their implications
  • reviewing sterilisation parameters in line with revised practice

Definitely an informative session to look forward to.


The final morning opens with two presentations relating to improved methods of packaging and ascertaining whether the prevalent use of rigid containers is always a safe practice.

The concluding session will launch the IDSc Research Programme; this is an exciting new development, led by Professor Tony Young, involving all their members. 


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